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To teach ball players the fundamentals of baseball. Ensure that each ballplayer has the opportunity to play numerous positions unless safety concerns apply. Coaches - Please make sure that your ballplayers have LOTS of fun and that they want to play baseball for years to come. SHLL's T-Ball program is an Instructional Division and offers a low key opportunity for coaches to help player's build their skills which will in turn help the player's to gain confidence in themselves.


1.      All grass fields may be used for TBall games

2.      Home Team provides the batting tee, safety baseball, and drop-down type bases for the game. Home team occupies FIRST base dugout.

3.      Bases will be 50 Feet apart.

4.      Pitcher’s area is 35 feet from the point of home plate

5.      Regulation SAFETY 5 T-Ball’s will be used in all league games and practices. Hard balls are not allowed at any time during games or practices.

6.      Approved bats are ones with the USA BASEBALL LOGO or say "T-BALL".

7.      1 HOUR or Three (3) innings constitutes a regulation game. Coaches may agree to add one (1) more inning if completed within the 1 HOUR time period.

8.      There are no protests allowed at this level.


1.      Coaches are reminded that the SPIRIT OF THE GAME is to ensure fun, teamwork and skill.

2.      All players will bat in an inning. The inning ends when the last person on the team bats.

3.      Scores are not recorded; therefore, there is no winning or losing team.

4.      Player's must play both infield and outfield as the purpose of T-Ball is to develop players - not win games.

5.      There are no outs, all batters are safe at first base but the field team should still make the play to first (FIRST) base when possible to help players learn the basics. Base-runners stay on bases until they advance through all the bases to home plate.

6.      ALL eligible players may play defense. Only 8 Players may occupy the infield. All other players must play outfield and be at least 10 feet behind the baseline.

7.      Up to (3) THREE Coaches or approved volunteers may assist in the outfield.

8.      "Catchers" must wear batting helmet. No catcher’s gear is provided.


1.      All players will bat in an inning. The inning ends when the last person on the team bats. "Last Batter" is to be declared and may run all the bases when ball is put in play, thus clearing the bases with a "home run".

2.      Player’s may advance ONLY ONE base once the ball is put in play.

3.      Batting lineups are used only to ensure each batter has a turn before the first batter listed hits a second time.  Players arriving late are added to the bottom of the batting order and shall take that turn without disrupting the lineup or without penalty.

(TIP: For batting order, arrange players in order of their numbered jersey and start with a different number each game so it is not the same player hitting lead-off or "last batter".

4.      Batted ball in play must travel at least 10 feet to be considered in play. If not, it is foul.

5.      Throwing the bat; Player’s are not out. Take a moment to give quiet instruction to the player and even show the player how to drop their bat correctly if necessary.

6.      One coach must be in dugout at all times while players are on the bench. One coach may coach first base and one may coach third base in the coach’s boxes.

7.      NO stealing - NO sliding head first - NO leading off - NO walks - NO free base if struck by a pitch - NO bunting.


1.      Up to (3) THREE Coaches or approved volunteers may assist in the outfield. but must not touch the ball.

2.      Whole teams are used in the field: (4) Outfields, (3) Deep Outfielders, (5) Infielders, (1) Catcher, (1) Pitcher.

3.      Fielding team must change players’ position after each inning; infield to outfield, etc.

4.      The pitcher stands on/near the pitching mound.

Due to SHLL rules and regulations, Little League, Int’l. Rules and Regulations and our insurance carrier’s rules and regulations, ONLY current registered players within South Hill Little League are allowed to practice or play as a team.  DO NOT allow any player to practice or play on your team unless the player is listed on your roster in the database or you are using a substitute player from the opposing team (if you’re short players).  Substituting players outside of registered SHLL players is NEVER ALLOWED.  Do not jeopardize your coaching position by pulling in unauthorized players to fill a spot.  If your team becomes short of players as the season goes by and another child becomes available to play late in the season, please contact Ellen Wood right away and we’ll get him/her registered as a short season player.


Wear and tear and holes normally start to appear on the fields once games begin. Player’s digging with toes, hands, etc. plus students during recess regularly dig holes in the game fields. If this happens, please try to set up a short 30 min. “field repair” before a game and ask if a few parents could bring a rake or shovel to help out. If dirt is needed, please contact the T-Ball Director at least two or three days before the field repair date so that dirt delivery can be set up.


ANYONE who instructs or interacts with any players must be an APPROVED VOLUNTEER.
along with a copy of their driver’s license.  It is the Head Coach’s responsibility to make sure parent volunteers turn in the necessary paperwork.

Contact for questions or concerns should first be addressed to your T-Ball Division Director.


Utilizing coaches on defense is a great way to keep players engaged in the field. The defensive team’s coaches should divide the
field into zones and work with players in their area to stay alert and engaged. Utilizing tactics such as having players get into a ready
position, having players call out where they will throw the ball if hit to them, etc. keeps players active and focused. Coaches can also
consider taking an extra ball or two onto the field with them to toss to players to keep them engaged during times when the ball is not
hit in their direction.

Approved Little League T-Ball drills can be found here:
Little League T-Ball

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